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Image from here.

This post is long over due. I was organizing my hard disk when I saw the pictures and realized that I haven't posted an entry about my Wild Wadi adventure in Jumeirah Dubai which happened almost two months ago. It was really a refreshing, breath-taking and fun-filled day with Roy and some new found friends in the best water park in the region! Here are some of the photos:

Wild Wadi Entrance

Roy - College Buddy


Rose, Javier, Roy, Me

Javier, Rico, Grace and the Life Guard

Javier won't let it down!

Jumeriah Beach Hotel

Friends from the Studio!

Beach Boy

Hot. Hot. Hot.

Burj Al Arab

Jumeriah Beach Hotel


Wild Wadi!

Wild Wadi!

Wild Wadi!



Jumeirah Beach

Burj Al Arab


Surf's Up

Surf Upside!

Next time ulit!

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Poor me, I did not see the fight. But based on this, Manny Pacquiao has once again proved that he is a major force to be reckoned inside the boxing ring! Truly Manny, you are a modern boxing legend! Maraming salamat Pac-Man for the pride and honor. Huwag na magpagamit sa mga pulitiko, utang na loob.

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Paging Kiko, Lala, Bads and Rain: Nakita nyo na to?

So hilarious!
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St. Joseph Cathedral, Abu Dhabi UAE

I've been planning to write about this two months ago. But I know how extremely delicate this topic is. Kanina lang, when I arrived at St. Joseph Cathedral in Abu Dhabi to attend the Sunday obligation, hindi na ako nakapagpigil. The time is right and I have to speak up.

It was sometime in August 2007 when I first lan
ded my feet on a Catholic territory in the gulf region. Since I was so naive back then, I did not know the schedule of the mass. I ended up sitting somewhere inside the church while the priest said the mass in Arabic. Good thing there was this Salmo thing with the Sunday's readings in English. Para akong tanga kase English ang bawat response ko. Hehehe. I checked the schedules and from then on, I became a frequent Sunday guest in the area.

I started to ask myself and my friend why is the Filipino mass being held in a multi-purpose hall every Sunday. My friend told me, that's the way it is. And then, I tried to understand. I really did but one April Sunday, I was late for the mass. I entered a jam-packed venue. Nag-uumapaw talaga! It was so hot I thought air-conditioned units were not yet invented. Wala talagang ka hangin hangin! But I decided to stay and concentrate. Ilang mga linggo na ang lumipas, ganun pa din. Sobrang siksikan, sobrang init at hindi mo na marinig ang salita ng Diyos. What you can hear are snide remarks from Kabayans and some footsteps towards the exit. There was a time when my buddy Gio, left me inside the multi-purpose hall and headed to the Church where the Arabic mass was being held. Minsan pa nga may isang kabayan na nahilo sa sobrang init kase nga summer officially started two months ago. Kaya nga I told myself, it's about time.

Kanina lang, hindi na ako nakapigil! Padating ko, naguumapaw ang mga Pinoy sa multi-purpose hall. Sobarang inti at hindi ka na makapasok sa loob. What made things worst was that you cannot hear a single Word of God. I went to the parish office and talked to the guy named Ryan. He is the parish secretary, I assumed. I looked for the parish priest but he was on vacation and will be coming back on the 25th of this month. I politely told him my grievances and concerns. Ryan suggested for me to come earlier and I said, " the issue here is not just about myself. I know that these Filipinos are also complaining but for some reasons they do not speak up. We are all children of God, so I think it is just right for us to use the church and ask the attendees of the Arabic mass to use the multi-purpose hall because when we based the number of attendees, the Filipino mass has more attendees than the Arabic's." And Ryan politely said that I should talk to Father Felipe. And that's what I did. After the English mass, I went to Father's office.

Father Felipe was accommodating naman. At nagsimula na akong maglitanya. Father told me that it is impossible that these Catholic Arabs (most are Lebanese) will agree to use the muti-purpose hall. Kesyo Arabic daw sila at sila ang mga nauna sa schedule na yun. Sabi ko naman, Father, anak din tayo ng Diyos. Nararapat lamang na magamit din natin ang simbahan tutal mas marami naman ang uma-attend ng Filipino mass. Sadyang nakalulungkot na pati sa loob ng simbahan nagkakaroon ng pulitika. Impossible daw talaga pero babanggitin "daw" niya sa meeting ng parish. Iba daw kasi ang mga mga Arabo. Sabi ko naman, sa aking palagay, kahit ano pa lahi mo, kung isang kang tunay na Kristiyano, alam mo kung ano ang tama, kuna ano ang justice, equality and fairness kase yang ang itinuturo ng Diyos sa atin. Humingi din siya ng ilang suhestiyon sa problem ng venue. Nagbigay ako ng ilan. Susubukan daw nilang magawan ng paraan. Ayon pa kay Father, inaayos na din naman daw yung bagong katedral kaya sa hinaharap pede na magamit yun. Sana nga pero I doubt. Siguro pede nga magamit yun ng mga Arabs na katoliko pero ang mga pinoy sa lumang simbahan pa rin. Religion + Politics= SAKIT NG ULO! Tsk tsk tsk.

Sabi nga ng kaibigan ko, ganun daw talaga kasi daw sa bansang ito, hindi lahat ng gusto ko makukuha ko. Ang issue naman dun e hindi kung ano ang gusto ko. My point is what is right and just. It's about time to stand up for what I think is right. Masyado na naaabuso ang mga Pinoy. Kung sa kanila, okay lang yun; sa akin hindi. Naniniwala ako sa abilidad at galing ng mga Pinoy, sa worth natin bilang tao. Naniniwala din ako that we deserve better than the way we are treated now. Sabi ko nga, kasalanan din naman natin kung bakit hindi tayo iginagalang ng mga ibang lahi.
Sana maisip na nating mga Pilipino kung ano ang worth natin bilang tao. Simulan natin sa mga simpleng bagay, sa ating mga trabaho. Magaling naman talaga kasi ang mga Pinoy. Magtulungan sana tayo na ibangon ang ating dakilang lahi. Paunti-unti, alam ko, darating din tayo dun. Let's start knowing our worth and asking for it!

Hanggang dito ba naman, pang-aabuso at pulitika pa rin? Tama na. Sobra na.

Click here to view more images of St. Joseph Cathedral and the Multi-Purpose Hall
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I fairly know how to wait patiently for some good things to happen in my life.

I visited the office several times this last week and this week to make the follow-up regarding my resignation. The HR head, who started to show a little bit of compassion and concern when I submitted my resignation, told me that he forwarded the letter to the Food and Beverage Coordinator of the team. I wondered why did he forward the letter to the coordinator. The HR told me that its just part of the process. And I said, Huh?

I have this weird feeling that they are not taking my resignation seriously and properly. They did not take good care of me ever since naman so what more can I expect. I am a nobody here, no matter what I do and no matter how hard I try to prove myself as a professional and as part of the team. I hate them for that. I really do.

The last time I called the F & B coordinator, he told me that he will directly tell it to my employer. Fine. I am grateful for that. I asked the HR during my last visit if it is possible that I'm gonna be home by the 30th of this month. HR head answered tactfully, it's not. I and said, sh*t!

I am sick of it. I had too much of discrimination, deceit, politics, cruelty, hypocrisy at marami pang iba! I cannot take it anymore. But I have no other choice, I have to wait until they told me when to go for I am nothing here. I fairly know na naman how to wait patiently. I am getting tired of course. But what else can I do? Good things happen naman talaga for those who patiently wait.

I am crossing my fingers (plus my toes) that I won't have to wait like forever and my homecoming will be sooner. I am really excited about it! Can't wait to start a new life all over again.
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For some friends or everybody else who wish to visit UAE in the future, this might be very helpful.

Image on the left is a street in Abu Dhabi, UAE's capital city. On the right is Dubai's; UAE's tourist and financial haven.
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I almost busted a gut after watching
this and reading this. Talaga naman, Miriam never fails to make me laugh out loud! Hahaha.

Click here to view the image in its original context.
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Happy Father's Day Tatay!

We may not be the closest father and son in the world or even as closer as how other fathers and sons are around us, but I want you to know that you are very important to me. Happy Father's Day Tatay. Please take care of yourself and Nanay. I love you.
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Duday, Ritchie and Techie prepared a dinner for me. I decided to buy myself a cake because it was ages ago since I had the last cake for my birthday. I am happy to be reunited with a college friend again and gain some more friends who will make me feel so special on my very special day away from home. I could not be happier. Many thanks!

Duday is a college classmate and friend from FEU. Ritchie is Duday's close friend from Fitness First RCBC. Techie is their former flatmate.

Maraming Salamat sa mga bumati!

Noel Kalbo
Fr. Mike
Mam Marvz
Dorothy Joy
Gary Boy aka Jabar
Sa mga taga- Dubai
Ate at Kuya
At sa mga nakalimutan ko (Patawad po).

* Callers
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I did not get a nice sleep because calls and messages from family and friends came one after another. And there was this anonymous caller who kept on calling my mobile but did not utter a single word. It was an international call because the number did not register. I decided to put my mobile in the silent mode for me to get a nice sleep. It was almost half past 1 in the afternoon when I went out of bed.

I checked my mobile, mail, friendster account and my blog. I sent some messages and had my glass of milk. A little more than hour later, I was heading to my employer's office. It was brutally hot and humid. There was no car, I had no choice. So I walked hurriedly under the heat of the sun. Very nice gift from Mother Nature...

I managed to arrive at the office at 3:15 pm with sweat all over me. But unfortunately, the HR head was no longer around. For some reasons, he left earlier than he supposed to be (hmmm, my employer left for Oman earlier today). I left the office with my mission unaccomplished. Another nice birthday present...

So it was hot and I was so hungry. I was supposed to go to Khalidiyah mall but changed my mind. I needed a decent meal. So I decided to visit Golden Fork Resto since I haven't been there yet. It's an oriental restaurant. It's not a fine dining but a nice place to eat and hang-out (I supposed). Most of foods being served are Filipinos'.

Waitress: Kabayan, ano pong order nyo?
Me: 1 Chinese fried rice, 1 Kare-kare, 1 Pancit Canton, 1 Iced tea
Waitress: 1 Chinese fried rice, 1 Kare-kare, 1 Pancit Canton, 1 Iced tea po?
Me. Oo. Tsaka 2 Lumpiang sariwa for take out.
Waitress: Ha? Ilan po ba kayong kakain?
Me: Ako lang. Bakit madami ba yun? Take out naman yung Lumpiang sariwa tska birthday ko naman ngayon.
Waitress: Ok po. Happy Birthday.
Me: Salamat.

Then she left smiling.

I was not interested whatever she thinks. I did not care. It's my birthday. Being alone is not an excuse to have a feast and celebrate life! After nearly 20 minutes, the meal finally arrived. I ate happily even if this bastard Lebanese threw glances until my last subo. And the verdict: FOOD IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Though the price is reasonable, the ambience is nice, the staff are friendly(?) and there is a
place for smokers like me, these things do not compensate the taste of their food. Plus the service is not so good. I have tried all the kainans serving Filipino food all over Abu Dhabi and Golden Fork's no special. My friends can attest to that! So I asked for the bill and left with my take-away Lumpiang Sariwa.

Now, I am alone in my room. Nobody is here except me. Noel, Keith and Gio are in Oman; Rodjie and Willie are both in the Philippines. Hayyyy, Happy Birthday to me. I am celebrating my birthday alone. The best way to do it? - A yosi on my right hand and a bottle of Smirnoff on the left.

Minutes after finishing my 2nd bottle of Smirnoff, I received a call from Duday inviting me to come to their place. I smelled a real sumptuous meal after we exchanged goodbyes... :-)
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There's no day like today kase, it's my Birthday!

to me...

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I am not a Rafael Nadal fan, I am more of a Federer. When I learned that it will be Nadal-Federer in French 2008 finals, I was expecting to see a great fight between two great tennis warriors. But I was surprised when I saw the game. I cannot help but salute Nadal for crushing world no. 1 Roger Federer.

Truly Nadal is the King of the Clay! Hats off to you Rafa! Galing-galing.

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I was torn between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton during the earliest parts of the US presidential nomination campaign. But since I am a Bill Clinton fan, I preferred the latter months before the first Democratic primaries started. Things changed when I read and saw some Barack Obama speeches, blueprintforchange and press releases. I was awed. I started to believe that he is truly the change and silently joined the Obama camp.

I am so glad that Barack Obama is the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democrats. I see him as the next generation - multietnic and global; educated and humble; smart and charismatic. Thank you for the inspiration.

All the best Sen. Obama!

Now the question is will the Obama-Clinton tandem be a dream team or a nightmare?
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Got a news from an insider even before I read this.

My condolences to his family and friends. May we all learn from his story that life is too short to be wasted on some crap. May he rest in peace. And I pray that his kababayans will literally mourn kahit hindi na 3 araw kahit 1 araw na lang.

The departed is my employer's younger brother.
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I went out of bed earlier than usual because I am still waiting for the call from the HR. Up to now, there is none. I decided to just post several parts of my resignation letter.

I would like to render my resignation as the Personal Physical Therapist/ Masseur of XXXXXX effective this June 30, 2008.

...For some reasons I still do not understand, I have not been called to render my professional services for the past few months. I maybe wrong but as a person and as a professional, I view it as a lack of confidence on my knowledge and skills. Though I want to believe that my services are still needed here, my intuition and the recent developments tell me the other way around. I believe it is in our best interest for me to leave the job...

I would also like to take this chance to express my deepest gratitude to my employer His Highness XXXXXX...

I feel that I have fulfilled my duties to the best of my abilities while employed in this company for a little over 12 months. I appreciate your understanding of my decision to leave the Palace and I wish all the best for you and the organization in the future.


Of course I have other valid reasons but I decided not to include those because I believe it is better left unsaid. I am not saying that working in the palace or for all other royals is extremely difficult. It maybe difficult for me but not for some others. Though I am not having problems with my employer, the cultural differences and the people around me really tested my personality, morals and patience. God knows I tried to look at the other side of my life here. I tried so hard to enjoy the moments I spent - the moments of solitude and moments with new-found friends. But at the end of the day, the negatives outweigh the positives. I do not want to stay here for the sake of money alone. I know I can find a new job with a better compensation and better co-workers. I am willing to wait because I know someday, somehow I will find another one...
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I submitted my resignation letter this afternoon! Nagulat din ang taga-HR. Tomorrow, I am meeting the deputy manager. Hindi ko alam ang mga sunod na pwedeng mangyari. I might be home sooner. Alam nyo na, isang hamak na private servant lamang ako ng isang NAPAKA-YAMANG nilalang .

Basta masaya ako dahil I will be out of this place soon! Aiwa!
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Noong mga nakalipas na araw, I was browsing the net to get some tips on how to make the best resignation letter. Sa aking paghahanap, napunta ako sa site na ito. At ako'y napangiti ng mabasa ko ang dalawang payo kung paano ko gagawin ang aking resignation letter:

· purgedsoul Says:
keep it short and simple

Dear [Name]:

I Quit.

[Employee’s Name]

May 28th, 2007 at 3:00 pm


· Pablo - **The Monkey's Cheese** Says:
Have a bit of fun with your resignation letter. Thats the best way.
This is how i quit my last detestable job.

Dear *company name*,

We have been together for a little over a year now, we’ve had our ups and downs, our laughs and our good times… That’s why it is so difficult for me to say this.. but I can’t hold onto it any longer, because you’re a great company and you deserve the truth.

*Company name*, I love you, but i’m no longer IN love with you. We have the perfect love at the wrong time…I’m so sorry. I have a lot of growing up to do. I can’t give you the commitment you deserve and you can’t give me the passion and liberty that I am drawn to.

Don’t be upset, you’ve done nothing wrong because It’s not you, it’s me. I need to make some changes and get on with my life. Things here have been hard and I need to move on, and work in new places, try out different things.

You have been an important part of my life, Everything happens for a reason and I will never forget you, and I hope you won’t forget me also. We can still be friends.

I’m leaving the state, to give me and yourself some time to deal with this, I will call you when Im ready. We’ve come a long way but we are two different people and I can’t keep on lying to myself. You were a great company and Im sure you will find someone new just around the corner who will make you as happy as you made me.

I am leaving in a week. On Wednesday the 25th. I will miss you.
- Pablo”


I did not use either of these. I made my own and I am submitting it later today. I think iot is about time for them to hear my own thoughts. I want them to be surprised but life has it's own surprises. Baka ako ang ma-surprise dahil ready na ang plane ticket ko! Basta, I have my reasons. It is best for me to just quit. I already signed it and it's final. I am leaving this job! I will soon post excerpts of my own resignation letter. Help me pray that things will go well.

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