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Two weeks from now, my review classes will come to an end. And the painful truth is that, I AM NOT YET READY TO TAKE THE US STATES BOARDS EXAM.

Last January, I devoted my Friday nights reading Susan O'Sullivan's Physical Rehabilitation Assessment and Treatment. I found myself struggling to finish a chapter. But luckily(?), I'm already done with 4 chapters and have to finish another 3 must-read chapters.

Kinakabahan talaga ako. Mukhang wala akong maisasagot. I haven't finished re-writing my lecture notes. Never pa ako nag-buklat ng reviewers ko. Apat na chapters pa lang ang tapos ko basahin at nakakalimutan ko mga ibang na-aral at nabasa ko.

Our assessment exam (review school re-enforcement examination) is scheduled on the 2nd of April. I do not know what will happen after that day. From a while, I am signing off para magbuhos ng oras, lakas at dasal sa exam that will make or break me.

Sa mga kaibigan ko, pasensya na kung di muna ako makasama sa ating lakaran at inuman o makapag-text man lang. Kelangan ko na talaga mag-aral. Konting pang-unawa lang. Pagdasal nyo na lang muna ako!
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Thirty years ago, my Tatay and Nanay got married. Thirty years and still going strong. I asked Nanay why did she choose Tatay to be her better half, and she said: Your Tatay came at the right place and at the right time. Hehehe. They are exact opposites -Nanay is very sociable while Tatay prefers to stay home and watch his favorite TV show. Basta, parang magkaiba ang mundo nila but things worked very well with them. Sure there were petty fights and minor problems but I never witnessed a major fight between them in my 28 years of existence. They had their own share of ups and downs, but they both stayed together through thick and thin (literally and figuratively).

I guess that the success of my parents' marriage is one of the best things that happened to me (and to my siblings). Thank you for showing us what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is and making us realize that with true love, irreconcilable differences become reconcilable.

We are so proud of our parents for they still remain true to what they promised to God and to the people who witnessed their wedding ceremony. Your love story inspires me (us).


from all of us.

We love you so much.

I am asking everyone a favor, please pray for a family member who will be undergoing a radioavtice iodine treatment today. Many thanks.

First image was taken by my sexy and hot cousin Bads who is based in Singapore during our trip in Kuala Lumpur last February 20,2009.
I took the rest of the images.

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My friend commented on my Facebook and it goes: "Confucius says: Your great American dream lies in your own hand..." Well, it's true that as a well-able young man, I can do everything in my power to make things happen. But recent developments and news from people I know leave even Confucius asking, is the American dream lies ONLY in ones hands?

There is devastating situation with the USCIS Service Centers. Based on reliable sources the Service Centers are now denying all H-1B petitions filed on behalf of Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists, despite of the fact that the PTs and OTs have the requisite license. USCIS is taking the position that a Masters degree is the requirement for entry into the position and these Beneficiary does not possess a Masters degree.

I do not personally understand and am still trying to think of the reasons about the USCIS' actions and decision. Application for a foreign-graduate and trained PT or OT to work in the United States costs a significant amount of money and energy. And with the chosen state of the applicant, that particular state determines (through FCCPT) who is eligible for licensure to practice the profession in that particular state. Bakit may biglang mga ganun?

My dream (and others dreams) is (are) starting to look more like a nightmare. It saddens me to know that every single day, my American dream seems to be far from my own reach. It depresses me to know that the fulfillment of my childhood dream is far beyond my control. And what is more frustrating is to realize that my pursuit of happiness in the country I used to believe as the land of all possibilities, seems to be uncertain.

My possible employer told me not to worrymuch because immigration lawyers and another concerned people are ready to fight. As what somebody told me, there are no legal basis for the USCIS's decision. I know that is another challenge for me and for all those who want to live the American dream. And we will soon overcome it. If that happens, the American dream will be much sweeter!

But if worse comes to worst, I should start considering working elsewhere, maybe in some parts of Europe or the land down under. After all, the world does not mean US or living the American dream alone. There are other promising places that I can choose.

I googled the photo.
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