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His life maybe filled with controversies and scandals but still, he had his life and he was a good soul.

We may not understand all his eccentricities but his talent is exceptional! His music continues to touch so many lives, to open a lot of minds and to heal millions of souls around the world. He may not be with us, but his music will always be.

I pray that MJ will finally find peace and happiness. Rest well MJ and thank you for your music.

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This clip was made by Kiko's missus, Ketty.
posted this video here and I just reposted
it because it's really summer saya!
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Isang malawakang pagtitipon ang naganap kahapon - JUNE 10, 2009, sa Makati upang ipaabot ang matinding pagtutol sa CON-ASS ng Kongreso habang ako ay naghahanda ng munting salu-salo upang ipagdiwang ang aking kaarawan.


Bagamat hindi ako nakadalo sa pagtitipon sa Makati, at hindi ko sila naimbitahan sa salu-salo sa aming tahanan, ilang kahilingan ang aking nasambit kahapon. Isa na doon ang dalangin na sana hindi magtagumpay ang CHA-CHA at tuluyan nang magising ang kamalayan ng lahat upang labanan ang dikatatura ni Gloria at lalong higit ipaglaban at pahalagahan ang demokrasya at kalayaan ng ating Inang bayan! (O-ha!)

Nga pala, maraming salamat sa pamilya, mga kaibigan at mga taong nakaalala at bumati sa araw ng aking kaarawan. Thank you, Domo Arrigato, Xie xie, Shukran, Terima Kasih, Merci, Ashante, Shukria, Gracias at Maraming Salamat.

Midland Kapamilya, yeah yeah yeah!

Team Kapamilya


Mi familia

My Midland Kapamilya - Hindi kasya (literally and figuratively! LOL)
My Baste Kada - Au, Ikoy, Yeh, Emman, Roan, John, Bonna, Maisie atbp.
My RMC Family- Doc Raf, Doc Joel, Mam Marvz, Mam Tonet, Mam Mars, Sir Dave, Mam Cha, Mam Loella, Mam Leizel, Sir Viscount, Mam Rach, Mam Rose, Ena PTRP, DLS-HSI & NU PT Interns RMC June 2009 Batch (Reg, Kate, Joseph, Kris, Ronel) and our clients.
Abu Dhabi and Dubai Friends - Duday, Richie and Russel
My VGH Buddies - Mam Benj and Jenny G
Long-time Friends - Miles, Maricel, Laarnie, Gracious, Joy
Palace Boys - Noel Kalbo, Rodjie, Willie and Nognog
Facebook Buddies - Ploxy, Mark, Fr. Mike, Sherwin
Bestfriends - Lorraine and Chabe
Hampstead Guards
Mga Bisita ko kagabi at sa mga nakalimutan ko
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I always believed in Roger Federer's greatness inside the tennis court - be it a red clay or hard surfaces. He is undeniably stronger and smarter now. He has an impressive and amazing first power-service, as always and more importantly, he learned from his past mistakes.

With the not-so-good-season last year, the world's No.2 fought back and proved to everyone that he is indeed the greatest tennis warrior of our time.

Congratulations Roger Federer
for winning the 2009 French Open.

Hay, nakakawala ng stress.

More about Roger's greatness here.

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