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I do not have enough things to say on this third trip to Morocco. Some consider me as the luckiest person alive because I do not work at all. For some reasons, my employer is not calling me for any massage session. My day starts at eleven in the morning when I wake up and ends at three in the morning when I sleep. Everyday is the repetition of the previous one. The lifestyle that I have is so sedentary and I have all the luxury of time to rest and sleep, to listen to OPM music over and over again, read Isabel Allende’s Daughter of Fortune, sleep, eat, smoke, sleep, eat, smoke, rest, sleep and sleep and sleep!

My life here is so stagnant, so boring and I hate it! Will somebody give me a new life, a real life, please?
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I once said, “I will never spend a hundred bucks for just a cup a coffee!” But things changed.

As more coffee shops and cafés dot Manila and other Philippines’ key cities and the rest of the world, students, young adults and the not so young ones find ways to appreciate and enjoy their stay in this social networking ground.

If I remember it right, my first coffee experience was with my certified coffee addict and good friend, Almich four years ago. After two buckets of San-Mig Light, he invited me to have a coffee break in Starbucks Malate. The aromatic smell of the shop was so relaxing and I instantly fell in love with the idea of spending sometime in this wonderful place. We talked about everything and anything. I enjoyed the moment of staying in a very good and comfortable place in company with a good person while having the pleasure of the addictive cup of Cappuccino. We promised ourselves to be back more often along with some more good friends. Though hesitant, some of our friends joined our once a month coffee session several months after our discovery. And as time passed by, I found myself together with good friends visiting a coffee shop more often than we imagined.

With all the trappings of modern digital world, I think cafés remain to be one of the places where minds meet, where you find activity partners, where you fall in love and where business deals are clinched. What me and my coffee buddies enjoy the most about cafés is the moment of being with each other whether it lasts for half an hour or until the sun is up. The coffee shop is our favorite sanctuary where we exchange news and gossips, political views and ideals, our thoughts, our fears, or aspirations and frustrations. We regularly took the trip back in our high school years and laughed about the silly things we did back then. At times, we just sat and watched life pass by while the smell of coffee with a hint of mocha, hazelnut or vanilla, livened our senses. Coffee shops became integral part of our friendship.

Fast forward today and I am working in UAE, my friends back home, café still remains a place that sets life in motion for many including me and my friends. Whenever I visit malls and passed by Starbucks and the likes, I cannot help but miss my coffee buddies so bad. I still feel good whenever I walk into a café - the smell, the color, the lights, the music and fond memories of the great sessions I had with my coffee buddies - Lorraine, Almich, Eman, Au and the rest of the gang.

Yes, a venti cup Cappuccino or a Mocha Macchiato, the instant internet connection and comfy couch may provide me a relax sitting which I can escape the daily rush and realities of life for a while and satisfy my caffeine craving, I recognize the fact that nothing will change. I still miss the whole gang because I know coffee will never be as good as with their company. I miss you all guys and I am looking forward for some more coffee sessions with you.
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