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It's two in the afternoon here in Abu Dhabi, six in the evening in the Philippines. While most of the people around the world, including some expats in the Middle East are preparing and celebrating the joyous spirit of this season, I am so damn sad.
I asked permission last night if I can, at least join and celebrate Christmas with some friends I have in the city. The manager paused and said, he will let me know today. I am giving up. I know I cannot be with the people whom I consider my family in Abu Dhabi. Maybe that is the way it is here. And this is the sad price I have to pay after joining the gang.
I know I will never be fine. I am badly hurt. I am just asking for a day of fun and worry-free moments. How can they be so inconsiderate, so selfish and so insensitive? Maybe I will just sleep early tonight and sleep the whole day tomorrow. I will sleep and try to escape from the pain and frustration that I have now. For I know, in my dreams, I can still be happy.
Let us stop this! I do not want to sound melodramatic.
I just wish everybody a Happy Christmas.
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For the past couple of days, I was restless. I have not completed my Christmas shopping list and have no idea when will my Balikbayan box will be ready for pick-up. I am now in my amo's villa, forty-five minute drive away from the city and still do not know when on earth I am celebrating this year's Christmas.

With the help of some good friends here in Abu Dhabi, I managed to pack the Balikbayan box I am sending for the ones I loved back home just before the Christmas day. The sad part though is, everybody will have to wait until the third week of January 2008. I can no longer afford to send it via Airfreight. My apologies.

To my college friend Roy and to Grace of Studio R, thank you for the 40% discount. I have to admit that I will not be able to purchase the things I bought without your privilege cards. To Vina, thanks for the consideration and I am sorry if in any way, nakaistorbo ako. To Gio, salamat sa tape at sa tsokolate at kay Pareng Rodjie sa pangungulit kay Gio na bigyan na ako ng tape. Hehehe. To Richie, your packing skills are commendable. Thank you very much for your help, understanding and patience. Sorry din, if in any way, naka-abala ako. And of course, to Lourdes, thank you very much for being there. You’re such a friend and I am forever grateful for all the good things that you’ve done and you will do to me. Many many thanks dude.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
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I am craving for some Boy Bawang. My taste buds are longing for this addictive, overly flavored MSG cornick.

Just this afternoon, my Indian friend went to the city to send money for his family. I immediately asked his favor to purchase three Boy Bawangs for me. I constantly gave him phone calls to remind him as he might forget the correct pronunciation of it. He called me back to inform me that he cannot find any Boy Bawang. I told him to look for another grocery shop and try his luck. I know well that most of the grocery shops in Abu Dhabi sell some Filipino foods. There are Likas Papaya, Safeguard, Eskinol and even Lala and some other junk foods available.

When he finally came, I almost jumped out of bed to get the Boy Bawangs and satisfy my MSG craving. I soon learned that he was not able to buy me even a single one. Grrrr. He tried three grocery stores and found out that Boy Bawang was already out-of-stock! Grrrr ulit. My poor Indian friend even visited a Filipino restaurant and asked a Filipino where in Abu Dhabi he can buy this Boy Bawang with his weird Indian accent. Unfortunately, even the Pinoy did not help him to find one.

I want Boy Bawang, can you please send me one. Oh no, not one piece, I want a dozen. Yes, one dozen and I can guarantee you; I can finish it all in less than an hour.
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Last Saturday, I received the news that the room for me is finally ready for occupancy. I contacted my soon-to-be roommates and neighbors; some are Kabayans. The supposedly goods news for me turned into a bad or should I say a worst one. After several inquiries, I found out that I would be sharing the room with five other individuals including one Kabayan. I immediately went to my room-to-be and checked it out. I found out that the room is smaller than the room where I am staying and has three double-deck beds. What makes the news even worst is the fact that I am sharing the room with one of the worst employee of my amo. Then, I made up my mind not to transfer anymore.

I called the manager and raised my concerns. He enumerated the advantages of the new room. Yes, he is right. The condition of the new room is far better than the room where I stay now. My issue is not only about the sanitation and about condition of the room. I cannot share a bedroom with somebody who I do not trust and do not like. I am not fond of pretending to like somebody else but deep inside me, I want to kill the person. That is bullshit! Besides, knowing the persons who will be using the room, I bet it will turn into a jungle in few weeks time. Most of them seldom take a bath and change their clothing. Yuck. Call me racist and discriminatory but man; I want a private sanctuary where at least I can have some clean air!

I am supposed to stay in a single bedroom as stated in my contract not in single bed in a bedroom sharing with five other persons. I told the manager that I am not moving to the new room. Instead, I will share an old room with two other Kabayans inside the private villa. Though not new, I know that my stay there will be far worth than sharing the room with a devil and some others that stink!
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