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... never stays in KL!



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Terima kasih from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia!

More pictures here.
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All smiles sina Agie, Kaye, Nanay at Tatay.
I was happy to capture this moment!

I was ecstatic when I joined Tatay, Nanay, Kaye and Agie on their first international trip. It was a long time dream.

My sister Kaye took her turn to capture this shot!

Many thanks to my brother Kiko, & cousin Bads for making our childhood dream come true.

More pictures here.
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Me and my sister Kaye with our new TV set.

After war of words between me and the SM Appliance Center manager in SM Centerpoint , more than a week of waiting and fighting what we deserve, we finally got our new 29" Panasonic with the right TV rack on my Tatay's birthday.

Our TV watching will never be the same again. Ang saya-saya!
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Nanay Nolie and Tatay Boy


Tatay is turning 58 today. I gave Nanay a call kanina. She told me, both her and Tatay were busy preparing for today's celebration. Some of our relatives and a number of my Tatay's brothers ( sa Knights of Columbus) will be celebrating with them.

Sayang wala kami dun. Pero okay lang, kase next week, my parents are coming here in Manila to celebrate Tatay's and Kaye's birthdays outside the country. Excited na kaming lahat! Sayang nga di namin makasama si Kiko. Sana next year we will all be celebrating both Tatay 's and Nanay's birthday in US or in UK para kumpleto kami at mas masaya!
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My apologies to my photo addict and cam whore friends because all the pictures taken from last Saturday's affair have not been uploaded up to now.

I can't find my own USB cable to connect Kiwi (my Sony DSC-H9) to my laptop. Sori talaga pero nakahanap na ako ng paraan. I already asked Kaye's friend (who happens to have her own Sony DSC-H9) if she could lend me hers. Meet na lang daw kame. Sana lang both our schedules will permit us to meet each other soon.

And please, huwag na akong sisihin! Okay?
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I was hesitant to join my high school buddies for a Sunday night out because of the live telecast of Nadal-Federer match. The match was starting to heat up when I left the house during the first set with Federer leading 2-3. Hours later, while enjoying the dinner with my friends, I received a message from my sister Kaye, "Sorry, panalo kame". My 3 siblings are for Nadal. I didn't reply. I felt bad. Really bad.

Watching Roger sob via the YouTube is killing me too. I know it was rough for him . But I still believe in Roger, just like his millions and millions of fans around the globe. Ending up the 2009 Australian Cup 1st runner up doesn't change a thing. Roger still the best tennis champ for meand still the number one on my list.

Rafa said to him, Roger is still a great champion and he is one of the best in history and he will beat Pete Sampras' 14 titles for sure. I couldn't help but agree. All the best to you Roger for the rest of the season.

Anyway Congrats Rafa! You played really, really great and you truly deserve it. Hats off to you.

To view the pictures of my Sunday night out, visit this..

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