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Ever since I was a child, I've always wanted to have at least one Jollibee outlet in my hometown. Of course, it was impossible during those days. Our little town barely had a 5 km concrete road that time. My siblings and I always looked forward for the summer vacations because it was the only time that we would visit a Jollibee and purchase a Jolly Kiddie meal during those forgotten days. We did not have other choices but to eat and enjoy the comfort and meals of Chow Queen, Bahay-Kubo, Burger Junction, Yolly Bee and Kutsintaan ni Nini. Days passed, and so were different administrations. The dream of a Jollibee outlet in Sablayan remained the way it was.

Fast-forward to 2007, Jollibee started to operate in San Jose Occ. Mindoro. Reports said that the Jollibee-San Jose holds the record for having the biggest sale on the opening day (Way to go Mangyans!) According to what I heard, the cue started to build up as early as two in the morning! Yes, two in the morning, alas dos ng madaling araw. Tsk tsk tsk. Everybody was really excited, I must say. Too bad, I have not visited the branch because San Jose is way too far from our town. It is like a 3-hour bus ride on the roughest roads one could ever imagine.

On my second day here after more than 13 months in a foreign land, I invited my childhood friend Bonna to eat out Though it was raining, she said yes minus my godson Cedric. We decided to eat in “Luiscious”, a new resto in front of my Lola’s house. While waiting for our food, she told me that there is a Jollibee outlet in the town plaza. I was overwhelmed. Because of excitement, I almost canceled our orders, but Bonna insisted that we stay. We canceled the burgers instead. We enjoyed our food and we immediately went to the town plaza where Jollibee on Wheels took a stop!


Jollibee On Wheels started last July 18, 2008 and will stay there until the 26th of this month. Reports say that the most successful businessman in Sablayan - Mr. Mintu, invited the most popular food chain in the Philippines in my hometown. The Mintus have future plans of having a franchise of their own of said food chain. The rumored location is perfect. It will rise along the national highway, in front of the town plaza and a few meters away from my Lola’s residence.


These reports were denied by a crew of Jollibee On Wheels who said that it is still impossible to have a Jollibee-Sablayan. Sa ngayon, happy na ang mga taga sa amin 'pagkat abot-kamay na ang langhap sarap na dala ng Jollibee On Wheels!

Nanay enjoying her Jolly Yum with Cheese

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My family decided to have a lunch date with the soon-to-be-part of our family. Ketty just came from the United Kingdom and will be leaving in two weeks. So, it is a must for my parents to see here (don't ask why).

We decided to have a lunch with Ketty in Trinoma considering its proximity from where she lives. And besides, I haven't seen the mall since it opened last year. The call time was 11:00 in the morning. Fifteen minutes before the clock hit 11, I received an SMS from Ketty. The message said that she will be a "little" late. I replied: "Ok lang. Late din naman kami." Traffic was horrendous along Araneta Avenue. Really.

When we finally met, it was almost half past eleven. Then Ketty asked me where we are eating. I said anywhere except the restos serving Kebab and Arabic dishes. We kept on answering one's questions with another question. Hay, mga Pinoy nga naman. Then, she told me that Jay wanted us to try something new -- like Vietnamese foods. And we did. Without any hesitation, we headed to Pho Hoa while Nanay never left Ketty's side.

Mommy and Ketty

Kaye and Tatay

Agie and Obee

Me and Kiks


My family brought Ketty back to Hagonoy minus me and Kaye. I went straight home after our lunch date because I needed to pack my things for Sablayan. Kaye, on the other hand, went to work at the hospital.
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Agie, my youngest sister, celebrated her 23rd birthday three days (July 17) after I came back. Though it was not as grand as the celebrations of some people I know, it was truly an unforgettable one. Seeing my closest relatives always brings me joy.

Too bad Kiko, Bads, Rain, some titos, titas, and cousins were not present.

These are some of the stolen and non-stolen images:

May your dreams come true Agie. Happy Birthday. Lab u.

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After soooo much waiting and praying, I am finally home!

I'm excited. I'm happy. I'm sad. I'm slightly afraid. I'm worried. I'm missing my bed inside the palace. I'm missing my friends there. But I am very glad to be with Nanay, Tatay, Agie and Kaye again. I'm happy to see my cousins: Lorraine, Ian, Kim and Obee; and my friends- Emman, Au and Michael.

Here are some pictures:

With Kaye and Tatay (Bigote Boy)

Nathan's Back

Three Kings

With Agie

Big Four

The Big Four

Rain, Au, Michael and Me

Emman, Rain, Me, Au, Michael

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Image taken form here.

Congratulations Rafael Nadal for winning the 2008 Wimbledon title. You have shown the world that everything is possible. We just have to play and pray harder. Thank you for the inspiration. All the best Rafa and God bless you.

I commend Roger Federer for being a fierce and great competitor. Nadal and Federer gave the best championship match in the world of tennis. Thank you for delivering tennis at its best! May God bless you too.
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Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

After more than thirty days and a week of daily visits to the office, my resignation was finally approved! Truly, patience is a virtue!

The good news came yesterday July 3, 2008. The HR head threw a joke that I am staying but my compensation would be reduced by 50%. I said, that is not fair! And then he finally broke the news. Congratulations to me!

Worry-filled days and nights are over. There will be no more demons ranting about my existence. No more homesickness and tears. No more anxieties. No more sleepless nights. No more deceit and betrayal. No ungratefulness. No more bigotry and discrimination. No more disgusting smell from co-workers! No more working with people who knows nothing but money! No more dorks, no more jerks! Professional growth will be revived. My neurons will regenerate and continuous learning process will linger. My heart will once again be home, right in its proper place.

My journey continues and dreams persist, and shall never die!

Thank you Lord for another answered prayer. I leave everything to You. I know I am in good hands.

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I am drinking with my big brothers now. One of my big brothers managed to puslit an alcoholic beverage tonight! I am drinking like a fish (alright Au!), I wanna feel numb, I wanna get drunk, I am free! Oh sori, I chose to be free! Bwahahahah!

Truly, the best things in life are free!Text Color
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I went to the office this afternoon. As usual, they gave me open-ended answers. I asked for more, I wanted clarifications, I wanted to make the plans and start a new life. But they kept on giving me false hopes and unacceptable answers. I just gave deep sighs. What can I do, I am just a servant.

I am visiting the office tomorrow again. They promised me some good news. I dunno, I do not want to expect. I just really hope and pray that they are giving me some REAL good news. Help me pray. I really new yours.
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Last night, my big brothers and I here watched the Pacquiao-Diaz fight. Willie told me to purchase a pirated DVD copy of the boxing match in a Pinoy Grocery somewhere in Tourist Club area here in Abu Dhabi. I luckily got one even though these pirated DVDs are selling briskly. Thanks to my charm. Hehehe.

The world witnessed the Manny Pacquiao at his best - calm, powerful, swift, elusive, well-coordinated and precise. But I also acknowledged David Diaz, the latest Mexican casualty of the power of Pacman.

Though (based on what I saw) Diaz is skill-deprived, he has a big heart. He fought like a man, lost like a man and admitted his limitations like a man. He has won the respect of many Filipinos and boxing fans all over the world. ¡Los sombreros lejos a usted demasiado Diaz de David! Dios le bendice.

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