It was one of the most anticipated night in the history of Philippine music industry. 4 extra ordinary men, 1 great band reunited for the first time after some years of parting ways.

Thanks to my very good friend Chabe. Her powers made my name appear on the VIP list! Thanks thanks Chabebs!

My original plan was to post an entry without words, only images but for some reasons I was not able to see the opening number and some 3 more songs because I was denied to enter the venue with my Sony DSC-H9. The security personnel thought cam is an SLR camera. I called my cousins Rain and Lala for help. But just before Ely Buendia sang their 6th song, I was already inside! Yooooohoooooo! Thanks to this one member of the staff for he knows what an SLR camera is and what isn't. (if you're in doubt, read this to know that Sony DSC-H9 is not really an SLR camera)

These are the very few images I managed to take. My apologies, but I was so overwhelmed watching Ely, Raymund, Buddy and Marcus perform my very eyes. Parang panaginip lang! I was ecstatic, sorry talaga.

General Admission Gate

The Patron Entrance

Minutes before the show starts

The long cue to Alapaap!

Rock 'n Roll

Long Live E-heads!

The Greatest Filipino Band!

The Crowd sings with Ely

20-minute Break

The happy days

Crowd patiently waiting for the 2nd set

And waiting---

And waiting...

Lights off...

The puppet watches...

Sad news delivered

Buddy delivers...

Final walk

The crowd on the way to the exit points after hearing the sad news

Jessica, Mac,Aisha, Jun, Chabe (infront)

With Lorraine, Bads, Marya, Ikoy

I hope Ely gets well soon. Long Live E-heads!

I was able to watch the battle between Tshomlee Go and the Australian taekwondo jin last Wednesday. I admit that I do not know everything about taekwondo. And to be completely honest, I do not how the scoring works. But when I saw the fight, I have come to realize that it does not take someone to be a taekwondo jin to know whether the kick landed on the opponents body solidly. The Australian even fell, and the Filipino commentator said "2 points yun!". But there was none. Not even 1. Nakakaawa talaga. :-(

Earlier this afternoon, I saw Toni Rivero's fight with the Croatian jin. My sister kaye and I were crossing our fingers and kept on cheering for Toni. But it just did not work. :-( The first two rounds were good but the Croatian was tougher. Naiwan na si Toni on the 3rd round. Hay, bokya na naman. :-(

Someone told me days before the Olympics, "winner ang makaka-gold sa Beijing. Milyonaryo na pag-uwi dito. Pero malalakas lang ang loob nyan mag bigay ng mga milyon na yan kase alam naman nila na hindi makaka-gold ang isa sa kanila". Hay, another harsh reality. Tsk tsk tsk.

Sabi ko nga, it does not only take pure heart in the Olympics. It takes a lot more. And whether we admit it or not, in the game of Olympics, biases and partialities are part of the game. Ask Onyok Velasco, ask Nastia Luikin, ask Tshomlee.

Check this and this out to know what I'm talking about.


Incidentally, a Pinoy athlete bagged Gold in Beijing Olympics. The consolation came from the sport's demonstration event earlier today. Anyway, Congrats Willy Wang!
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I was only 2 years old when Ninoy Aquino was shot to death. He landed face down, embracing his homeland. The guy must really loved our country!

Too bad we don't have a Ninoy now. And I must say we can never have somebody like him. Good thing though, we can start to work, and try and be a Ninoy in our own little way. Click here and unleash the hero in yourself. I already did!


Please watch Beyond Conspiracy on ABS-CBN this Sunday night. It's a docu about Ninoy's assassination.

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I was not able to catch the early evening news kanina. I was out with my very good friends Au and Eman. Ang dami ko palang na-miss. Good thing, I have an unlimited and free wireless connection and there's the late evening news program. Thanks to Hampstead Wireless services.

Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's President for nearly nine years once again made it to the TV, print and radio headlines worldwide. He addressed today that he will step down. Click here for more. Hmmm, I wonder what my Pakistani friends Sultan, Pirbhaksh and Falak have to say.

I still pray that Gloria will step down too soon. Basta ako, JUNK CHA-CHA at ISAMA NA SI GLORIA!
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After more than 3 long years and after several hours after winning the men's singles Olympic gold in Beijing, Rafael Nadal of Spain takes the number 1 spot in the world of tennis. Your dedication and your drive is truly admirable. I hope US Open 2008 Cup will be added to your collection!

Congratulations Rafa!


Image taken from here.

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The quest for winning the Philippines' first Olympic gold continues after Harry Tanamor lost in his very first fight last week. :-( To be honest, I was not really expecting for the swimmers and other Pinoy athletes to bag any medal except for Harry, Toni Rivero and Tshomlee Go. Go Toni! Go Tshomlee!

I like to point out that I am not being negative about other Pinoy Olympians. It's just that, they are competing with the world's best, fastest and fiercest athletes, so we should accept the fact that they do not match a Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser and many others.

When I heard the news that David Coakley, a Filipino swimmer based in Hawaii, notched a new swim RP record for the 200m breststroke, I told Rain: "
Sana tayo-tayo na lang ang nagswimming dito sa Pinas. At least naka-medal pa siya!" Sana maisip na natin na hindi kailan man magiging sapat ang puso para makakuha ng Olympic Gold medal. It will take a lot mopre than it! I'm crossing my fingers that our Taekwondo jins will at least put the Philippines in the Beijing Summer Olympics Medal Tally Board. Kahit hindi gold, pero Lord, mas masaya kung gold... Please po. Please po.

Anyway, Congratulations to the all World Record Breakers and Medalists: To
Michael Phelps of US - the greatest Olympian to date, to Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser both from Jamaica, to Guo Jingjing of China, to Rafael Nadal of Spain, to Roger Federer and teammate Stanislas Wawrinka of Switzerland and to all other athletes who won the Beijing Olympic medals. Thank you for the inspiration!

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This entry is months late but the feeling and memories are still very much intact. I had the chance to see and visit one of the most distinctive shopping centers in the world, the Dubai's Wafi Mall. The visit happened last may 2008 when my cousin Michael decided to spend some time with his brother Ernel in Dubai before having his vacation in Manila.

This shopping center has an ancient-times theme. Its opulent d├ęcor as well as its range of shops and restaurants made this mall a one of kind. The building is shaped like an Egyptian pyramid, it has hieroglyphics that decorate the walls, while statues of pharaohs sit next to the gold-foiled white pillars lining the walkways. The stunning stained-glasses display an array of colors as the sun strikes its rays on it. Astig talaga!

Some say that Wafi Mall is so extravagant and over the top shopping center. But I think, its nice to have Wafi in this part of desert. Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng maraming pera!

With my cousin Michael

The man on my right is an Indian, on my left is the owner of this carpet shop

A Kabayan CSA in Wafi Mall. Akala nya turista ako.


Thanks to my Sony DSC-H9 for the wonderful images. My apologies kung di masyadong organized. I have limited knowledge palang kc sa Photoshop but I'm learning. Anyway, these images are 100% genuine.

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