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After the epic battle in Wimbledon last year, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will go against each other in the much awaited Australian Open 2009 on Sunday, February 1, 2009.

Both are great tennis players, nobody can deny that. But I hope Roger will redeem himself after a disappointing 2008. Roger is still the best for me and I hope he'll start his 2009 with a bang! All the best Roger!
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My colds is terribly bad, it's Monday and I'm sick. I dunno if it's the weather or the exhaustion (which I really doubt) or maybe because of nearly 3-hour movie of Benjamin Button (what do you think Au?). Hehehe.

Hay, what a way to start the week...
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I saw Ely Buendia's interview in Sharon last year and he said there might be another reunion concert. I said that the last time I had my drinking session with my friends and Bads. And as expected, Bads, my cousin, was skeptic about it.

My friend Emman sent me an SMS last night about the reunion concert part 2 and I read
this minutes ago.

Kita kits sa ika-pito ng Marso!
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My sister and I visited Quiapo months ago for a DVD hunt, I was so glad that I was able to get a copy of Cinema Paradiso (the new version). Even before, I read a lot of good things about this film and was so eager to see this. I did not have the time last December to watch the film, thank God I got a free time finally. I just finished it minutes ago and loved it very much.

I was deeply touched by the beauty and magic of this film. It touched my soul and taught a lot of lessons about love and life. Great story, great music, great actors, great direction, great movie!

Cinema Paradiso is an unforgettable masterpiece and a must-see movie for all of us!

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Kiko and Rain both tagged me. I know I can make a lot of excuses not to do this but I do not want to be bothered again. Before the facts, here are the rules:

1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Blogger that are tagged, need to write ten facts about themselves. You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.

Here are the Ten Random Facts/Habits About Me:

1. I am the second child in the family and I am always mistaken to be the eldest among the four of us. I think it is not only because I stand few inches taller than my brother Kiko but also because of the very obvious differences in our features. When I was younger, I got pissed off, hated and cursed the people who made the mistake but sooner learned to live with it. I guess God granted me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

2. One of my childhood dreams was to deliver a commencement speech. It never happened. I neither graduated Valedictorian nor Salutatorian but was a consistent honor student. My college life is another story. Don't ask.

3. I was an active member of the Boy Scout of the Philippines. I attended camping in and out of our province. And was an Occidental Mindoro DILG Chief and a member of the Provincial Board for one week when I was a junior and senior student in Colegio de San Sebastian. Thanks to the BSP program who made those things possible.

4. University of the Philippines was my dream school but I did not pass the UPCAT. Thanks to our HS principal. I ended up enrolling in a university somewhere in university belt and obtained a degree in Physical Therapy elsewhere.

5. When I was about 3 or 4, my Lolo Casi (my Nanay's Tatay) taught me a poem, Ibong Talukatik. And whenever there was a family gathering, people would flocked around me and watched me recite Ibong Talukatik. Don't ask me to recite the poem now or I might show.

6. I have a very high alcohol tolerance. My first alcohol intake was during my HS days from Gin to Gin-Pomelo to San Mig Light to Red Horse to San Mig Ultra Dry to Teqila, Brandy to Whiskey to Vodka to Red Wine, White wine and so much. Jack Daniel's, Johnnie Walker Black Label, and Bull Frog cocktail are my favorite alcoholic beverages. And until now, once in a while, nakikita-kita kami ng aking mga kaibigan to celebrate life and toast for our friendship.

7. My Reebok rubber shoes is my favorite pair of shoes. It was a gift from Nanay and Tatay before I left for Abu Dhabi last 2007. Malayo na ang narating ng sapatos na yun - 3 continents and 5 different countries. Nakatapak na ang sapatos kong iyon sa disyerto at mga streets ng Abu Dhabi at Dubai, sa Souq at mga disyerto sa Morocco, sa Bali Indonesia, Sunway Resort and Spa sa Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, at sa snow sa New Zealand. Medjo naluluma na nga dahil sa wear and tear.

8. I never like to do the dishes. I forced myself to learn how to cook and sooner discovered the love for it. For the record, simpleng nagluluto lang ako, I don't even have a specialty but my previous co-workers in Abu Dhabi enjoyed my adobo very much.

9. My parents and relatives saw me on national TV when a camera of GMA-7 focused me while singing Bayan Ko in a prayer rally against Erap Estrada on 4th of November 2000. I was an instant celebrity in my hometown. I was also interviewed by Mon Ilagan, an ABS-CBN field reporter, for his radyo patrol report on DZMM during the 1995 World Youth Day here in Manila, Philippines. And last May 2008, Ruben Nepales quoted me on his Inquirer column.

10. My real name is Nathaniel John. Nathaniel means gift from God and John means God is gracious. No need to elaborate. My name speaks for me.

Now, I'm tagging these bloggers:
1. Roneiluke
2. Louie
3. Paperdoll
4. Kosa
5. Bomzz
6. Maskara
7. Dylan
8. Yesa
9. Mulong
10. Dru

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May mga hindi nakapunta
dahil hindi nila kaya
ang iba hindi talaga nagpunta
dahil ayaw nila
May mga nakakaintindi
sa mga nangyari at
naging desisyon,
meron ding hindi
Alam ko may mga nadismaya,

Ang mas mahalaga

kami ay muling tumawa,
sumaya at nagsama-sama.

Sa ngalan ng 10 taon ng pagkakaibigan,

walang kapantay na samahan,


walang hanggang kasiyahan

Kampai Baste 98!


To view more images taken from KIWI, my cam, click HERE.

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Christmas Eve 2008

These images were taken last December 24-25, 2008 sa aming bahay in Mindoro at sa favorite Christmas haven. Dati, halos kumpleto ang Midland Kapamilya, last year (2008) - pamilya na lang nina Tito Obet at Tita Em ang kumpleto. Kiko, my older brother, is in UK. Tita Tess is in the US and her family decided to spend the Holiday season in QC. Tita Helen and her family are based in Batangas. Tito Ruben's other half is also away. Tita Siony, Boni, Manags and his family are all in the US.

Pero ayos lang yun, the birthday of Jesus was more than enough reason for us to celebrate and be happy.

Me, Tatay, Agie, Kaye and Nanay

Ian, Kaori, Tita Em, Tito Obet, Kim

RR, Tito Ruben, Obee, Benson
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