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... all the mice sing, dance and play ... Hehehe...

Sali kayo?
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My employer was on an official visit to Germany when the calendar hits the 14th of this month. All my co-employees and barkada are enjoying the rest and freedom days. This happens rarely so my roommates and I decided to visit our friends from my employer’s another villa.

Of all the Filipinos working here, only two are eligible bachelors - Gio and me. For the very obvious reason, I am the better choice. Hehehe. Therefore, Valentine’s Day was no big deal for most of them. All of us made some calls and sent text messages. I was lucky enough to receive call from Chabe.

I had a lazy day on valentine’s. I went out of bed at 11:30 in the morning. Had lunch at 12:30pm, checked mails and my friendster account, sent SMS, watched MMK on
and read the news on
At 3:00pm, I decided to swim, and then later catch some fish. Ram, a Nepali co employee later joined me. We managed to catch some fish slightly bigger then our thumbs. Ram told me than fish are more abundant during the summer days. He left after an hour and I stayed until eight in the evening trying to catch a big fish for our dinner. And luckily, I did!

Though far from home and far from the one I want to spend the day with, I still managed to enjoy Valentine’s Day. It may be fishy, but still it is pleasurable in a way I never expected.

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