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It is a nice thought that during those nights that you cannot sleep, you might be awake in someone else’s dreams. Or maybe someone is thinking about you. I can accept these thoughts, but for the past several weeks, I cannot sleep decently and I am sure the reason is neither of the two thoughts.

Since I came here, I stayed in a decent room with three double-deck beds. I shared the room with three other Pinoys from Housekeeping Department. Occasionally, some Pinoys would sleep over in our room during their respective days off. I cannot remember myself having any problems with sleeping. I can sleep inside a moving bus, a moving jeepney, MRT or LRT, ferry ships, movie house or even sitting in line. My friends can attest to that!

My problem now is I cannot sleep in my bed decently. I soon found out the reason why. It was so horrific to discover how bedbug-infested the bed I am using. I can feel the itchiness all over me. Yuck!

My roommates and I immediately placed the mattress under the brutal heat of the sun. They soon found out that their respective beds are bedbug-infested too. I suggested removing the carpet inside our room and then we all clean it. Unfortunately, our different schedules did not allow us to do so. I reported the incident to the office and the housekeeping department. Both parties did not seem to care.

I sent an email to the manager. I visited the housekeeping office as often as I can until they sent me a new mattress. Yes, they gave a new one. They also gave those fucking blood-sucking bedbugs a new mattress to infest! Maybe I should learn to deal with those parasites or patiently wait for them to attack so I can catch them and burn them to death using all the lighters I have.

Oh shit! It‘s 5 am, I have to sleep now.
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I bade farewell to Malaysia and boarded the flight to Christ Church New Zealand. It was fine and cold day when the private plane landed to Christ Church International Airport. The climate was so good and I felt that the fresh and cool breeze of the city refresh my entire body and soul.

The trip from the airport to the suburb of Fairley McKenzie was a long ride through lush, magnificent scenery. The natural beauty of this country kept my eyes from being close even if I only had less than five hours of sleep.

This trip is my all-time favorite. I saw before my very eyes the fulfillment of one my childhood dreams. On our third day, the sky showered snowflakes and everything around me turned into white. It was so amazing; I wish I go back on that same moment again. The following days, the temperature was so cold. My knee joints were aching and I thought I would turn into ice. Yes, it was so damn cold that I do not remember having the morning erection I always have. Hehehe.

The battery of my Sony DSC-9 was charging when everything around me turned into white and I missed documenting one of the nature‘s greatest miracles. However, I still managed to take some snapshots of the vibrant and natural beauty of this truly remarkable country.

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Fresh from Christ Church New Zealand, I joined the whole gang on the flight going to Bali, Indonesia. I was surprised to know that I, together with some six other members of the staff will stay in Bali for two more days before going back to Abu Dhabi.

The sun was beginning to set when we arrived at Denpasar International Airport. After half an hour, Sultan and Pirbhaksh joined me on the way to Ritz Carlton Resort and Spa - Bali. Cheerful smiles and garlands greeted us on the entrance hall of the magnificent accommodation. After some rest, my roommates and I decided to go out and check what Bali has to offer.

At nine in the evening, I was looking for Mr. Pierre to ask permission and to inform him about my plans to go out. Two fucking hours passed, my roommates decided not to go out anymore. I was determined to go by myself so I tried my best to locate him. I was losing all the excitement and hope when I finally got the chance to talk to Mr. Pierre and asked his permission. I really wanted to go out and enjoy the place because I was not able to explore the best of Christ Church. Going out alone is not new to me. That is what I do back home whenever nobody is available to join me. After all, whenever I am alone, I could do anything I want. I can be stupid, silly and there is nobody to say, “That was dumb!”

I went straight to Kuta - Bali’s famous nightspot, that is, according to the front desk officer of Ritz Carlton. Just before twelve midnight, I was walking along the streets of Kuta. After enough sweating, I decided to check Hard Rock Bali. To my surprise, Hard Rock was so crowded I cannot barely move. I immediately decided to check The Wave.

It was almost four in the morning when I arrived at the hotel. As I lay down on my bed, feeling nauseous, I told myself, “I am very glad I went by myself. It was freeing in a way I had not expected!”

The following day, I went to Nusa Dua. It was about thirty minute drive from Ritz Carlton Bali. Nusa Dua was the setting of the hit Koreanovela Memories of Bali. It is also a shopping haven and an equally famous nightspot.

Pleasant surprises, luxury and natural beauty are always easy to come by on a trip to Bali- no matter how short or hurried my visit was.

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6:45 pm: The private plane of my employer landed on the Subang, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. As I went down the tarmac, I thought I was home. The color, the climate and the people are very Pinoy. Subang International Airport used to be Kualu Lumpur's international airport.

7:45 pm: I was on the van together with Sultan and Pirbhaksh on the way to our accommodation. I talked with the driver and asked a little information about their glorious nation. I soon learned that Malaysia is celebrating the 50th year of nationhood. The driver told me that tomorrow would be the grandest day of the festivities. There would be a variety show happening on the center of Kuala Lumpur. I wished I could have attended it but I was there not as a tourist. After thirty minutes and moderate traffic, I was in front of a luxurious hotel in Kuala Lumpur - Sunway Hotel and Resort.

8:30 pm: All the members of the entourage of my employer gathered at the lobby, I found out that I would be sharing the room with Pirbhaksh and Sultan. The hotel staff approached me and started talking to me in either Bahasa or Malay. All of them thought I am either a Malaysian or an Indonesian. I proudly said that I am a Filipino and we immediately headed to the lift and checked out our designated room.
9:00 pm: I took a bath while my roommates took a quick nap. As soon as I became ready, the three of us went down and checked the festivities happening down stairs. We took some snapshots and checked out the cafés. Pirbhaksh, a Pakistani chef, asked me where he could find whores. I told him I have no idea because I am not from Malaysia. Frustrated, we headed back
to our room and had our dinner.

11:00 pm: The sky turned bright as the fireworks and pyrotechnics displayed the amazing colors. I was only able to take one picture because I was too busy enjoying the meal prepared by Mr. Pierre and some of the Sunway’s best chefs.

11:45 pm: Sultan and I went down stairs for our usual yosi break. I went to the lobby and asked where we could hang out. A hotel staff escorted us to their own café and I found out that the performers are four beautiful Filipinas belting Donna Summer’s I will survive. Sultan told me to find somewhere else outside the hotel.
12:00 mn: Pirbhaksh joined us as we took some more pictures. We were not able to find a place were we can hang out because the city center was a 30-minute drive from where we stayed. I just enjoyed checking the vicinity of the hotel and the park adjacent to it. I was so happy because I felt I was free again.

1:00 am: Pirbhaksh and Sultan went to the room and decided to sleep. They were disappointed because they were not able to find Malaysian women to fuck. I asked myself, “Is fucking a Malaysian lady the only way to enjoy a beautiful place like Malaysia?” So, I decided to go on alone. I leisurely walked along the park and found so many Malaysian celebrating their Independence Day. I remembered the centennial celebration of the Philippines nine years ago when we walked all the way from Luneta to C. M. Recto in my leather shoes.

1:45 pm: I went back to the hotel and inquired about the mall near the hotel. I asked for the nearest moneychanger, how much the rate is and everything else I needed to know. I finally joined my roommates after knowing the things I needed to know.

9:30 am: Me and my roommates went to the kitchen reserved for our entourage and had our breakfast.

10:00 am: The three of us checked out the Sunway’s theme park and other amenities. We were supposed to pay for the entrance fee but we all forgot to go to the nearest moneychanger to exchange our dollars. I just decided to go back to our room and checked for the programs on Star World. Minutes later, my roommates joined me.

12:00 noon: I invited my roommates to go to the mall.
12:30 pm: We went back to the hotel and had our lunch.

1:15 pm: I went outside and decided to buy some stuff. I asked for the moneychanger but unfortunately the nearest was closed. The owner must be somewhere else joining thousand others on the final day of celebration of the Independence Day. The police officer told me to go straight to the mall and look for the moneychanger. Fifteen minutes later, I was already checking the souvenir shops. I did some more shopping and went back to the hotel room two hours later.

4:00 pm: All the members of the staff gathered on the lobby and checked our things as we prepare for our departure to New Zealand. I took the chance to go back to the park and see the beauty of the place in broad daylight. Sultan joined me soon after.

5:45 pm: Our van headed back to the airport for our scheduled trip. We waited for more than two hours as the plane finally took up the runway of Kuala Lumpur.
8:45 pm: I opened the window pane and looked down where I saw the glimmering lights of Kuala Lumpur. I told myself that one day, I would be back here and discover more what this world’s favorite tourist destination has to offer. I am sure there are a lot more. Malaysia is truly Asia - a multi-ethnic and multi-religious Southeast Asian country boasts as one of the most vibrant economies in the region. They are just fifty years old and Philippines more than a hundred as they say. I hope the Philippine government will do something make the Philippines just like this glorious neighboring country.
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