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I was playing with Kiwi (my Sony DSC-H9) one lazy Saturday night somewhere in Sta. Mesa and look what I got:







Molave Bldg.

Molave Bldg.
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My review classes is finally over but technically speaking I'm not yet done with my review classes. Since I skipped my review classes sometime on February for a family tour abroad, I have to attend the neuroanatomy classes next week. Urgghhh. Pero okay lang, I think, there's so much about neuroanatomy and I need to completely understand the complexities of the human central nervous system.

I never had an entry for quite a long time kc I prepared myself for the evaluation exam of my batch. Sobrang na-stress talaga ako. I thank my friends for not bothering me kahit na sobrang bothered ako and for praying for me. It helped a lot. Kaya need your prayers pa. Hehehe. Thank you talaga.

So, how was the exam? Hmm, nobody from my batch passed the exam. We were 40+ when took the test (although we were nearly 70 from my batch. some of my batchmates took the exams earlier kase) but there were some 15-20 more reviewees (sit-in, as we call them) from previous batches who took it. The 60 item-exam was easy if I studied harder and earlier. Tamad talaga kc ako. Dagdag pa yung time pressure at yung worries na meron ako. I told myself not to be impulsive but there I was, committing the same old mistakes. Tsk tsk tsk.

Before my exam date, I told my sister Kaye: "baka ma-zero ako sa exam!" I was worried, I was stressed and wasn't able to finish reading my lecture notes. Kung baga, naging selective na lang ako. I ended up reading just 2 topics (Rheumatology and Pediatric Assessment) out of 30 topics. Hahaha. Katamaran nga naman.

My goal was to get at least 30 correct answers out of the 60 5-10 liner questions. I got more than half. But what is more important was that I got one very important life's lesson, that success is not all about luck. Success is made up of equal amounts of luck, hardwork and faith. Lahat ng nakapasa ng NPTE naghirap at lahat ng successful naghirap din. I need to focus, study harder and pray even harder to fulfill my dreams for me and for the ones I loved.

After our exam, it was our time to have some fun. I went out with some colleagues and had a night to remember. I wished a lot more people from my batch joined us kase I do not really know even the names of the majority of my batch mates. Sayang!

From L-R: Standing: Gino, Renil, Louie
Sitting: Hershey, Soc, Elvie, Me and Angel

More pictures here.

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