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I promised myself not to post a blog regarding the death of the late President Corazon C. Aquino because death might bring bad luck to this blog. But today, I broke my promise. I personally think that something about Tita Cory is really worth the space here and my time.

I was one of those who lined up last Sunday along Ortigas Avenue to pay my last respect along with many others in La Salle Greenhills. My HS buddies, Au and Emman joined me. It took us more that 3 hours and we did not mind. Wala yung hirap at inip namin sa pila kumpara sa mga naging sakripisyo ni Mrs. Aquino.

Today, I went out and waited for hours to witness the funeral march of Cory Aquino. Kaye, Agie and I were reluctant to get out because it was raining, but I told myself, magpakita lang kahit sandali ang araw, pupunta ako sa Osmena Highway. And sometime in the morning, sumilip ang araw. After witnessing the funeral mass, we hurriedly prepared ourselves and in 15 mins, we were in Zobel Roxas cor. South Super Highway. There were lots of people and as we patiently waited, mas dumadami ang mga tao. It rained hard but we stood there along with many others. And when convoy of Tita Cory finally passed, people clapped their hands and cheered. Some chanted CORY AQUINO BAYANING TOTOO, others tearfully sang Bayan Ko. I saw my sister Kaye wiping her tears.

Harry Emerson Fosdick, an American clergyman once said that "Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people." President Corazon C. Aquino was one great testament to this. She was an ordinary woman, a plain housewife and mother, with an extraordinary faith, fortitude and courage who was able to steer democracy towards its continuous emergence as a permanent way of life in this country.

I am proud I was there. I am proud that I was able to say Thank you to Tita Cory for inspiring me to pray harder. Thank you for the Democracy and thank you for believing in the goodness and greatness of your people. Thank you because just like others, you made me a proud Filipino once again.

I promise you that the Cory magic will stay in my heart forever.

Images here.
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At this very moment I'm celebrating my 1st year since I left my job as a private Physiotherapist for a royal family in Abu Dhabi. My life was grand there. It was a good-paying job, it wasn't as strenous as any other job, I got the travel for free etc etc. but still I quit. Marami na akong mga taong nakausap at nagtanong kung bakit ako umalis dun. Mas marami ang hindi nakaintindi pero kahit papano meron din naman nakaunawa. I guess, patunay lang yun dun sa Newton's 3rd Law that in every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.

The decision to quit was never easy. It took me more than 6 months and a lot of considerations were taken. But that decision was not only the toughest but also one decision that I am really proud of. My decision to quit came based on my principles, my ideals, my moral values, my premonitions; based on the lessons that I learned and my knowledge up to that point in life. I had to it. For myself and for the ones I loved.

Kamusta na nga ba ako after 1 year? Am I happier? Well, to be honest I am happy but I know I could be happier. Happy kase I am living my life the way I want. I have my freedom, I have my family with me yun nga lang wala akong sahod. For 1 year, wala akong work kaya wala akong sahod. I had a decent amount of savings naman before I left my work and I'm proud to say that up until now, I still have "some" amount that I can spend for few more months or probably a year kung mas magiging matipid ako. That's one of the things that I learned when I worked abroad - to value the amount of money. Kase nga, hard-earned talaga yun. Sweat, and tears yun kaya na-appreciate ko talaga yung value ng pera. But the best thing after quitting my job, it's the peace mind that I have now. I remember on my very first night in Manila, it was the best night and best sleep I had since May 2007. It's priceless! The peace of mind, priceless talaga at hinding-hindi ko ipagpapalit!

Was it worth it? Yes, kase at peace ako at tulad nga nang sabi ko, priceless yun. I have the freedom. I cook and eat pork anytime I want. I can spend some quality time with my family, friends and my neurons are regenerating again. Learning is very important to me. And the continuous learning was never a part of my previous job. I've been always striving to be the best physical therapist that I can be and I knew that learning (professionally) will never be a part of my job inside the palace. I had to quit. I want to work in a healthcare facility and not for some people who thinks that everything, I say everything, has a price.

Several times, I was interviewed by employers from the Middle East, US, here in Manila, and they all had a common question: Why did I quit? It's plain and simple, "I learned a lot about life's lessons but I know I had to quit." The job was not for me, I belong in a health care facility.

Surely I miss a couple of things - a centralized AC, my credit card, my paycheck, travels abroad, but those things are nothing compared to the peace of mind and the freedom that I have now. I may not have the money but I have my family. I may not have the chance to travel abroad but I have my friends.

Looking back, I'm still thankful for that once in a lifetime opportunity. I've been to places, spoke few new phrases other than English and Filipino, learned from different cultures, met a lot of people, gained some new friends, understood what was life out there and loved my family and myself more than ever. So, was there life after the palace? Absolutely. Pera at sahod lang ang nawala sa akin. Kaya ko pang kitaan yun elsewhere. I still have my dreams, and nothing will stop me from achieving those dreams.

Right now, I'm back in Rizal Medical Center and hopefully by the 3rd quarter of the year, I'm heading to the US to fulfill my great American dream.

Last question that needs to be answered: Should they hire me back in the palace? My answer: Thanks but NO thanks.
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It took him 50 aces, a lot of unforced errors, and more than four hours to break Andy Roddick's magnificent and powerful serves in another epic Wimbledon final.



and a


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Yes, Roger Federer,
the greatest tennis player in the history,
flies all the way to the
2009 Wimbledon Finals.

Ang galing-galing!

Murray (UK) is battling Roddick (USA) for a place in the 2009 Wimbledon Finals. As of this very moment (23:59 MLA Time, it's 1:1).
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