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Sabi nila, "there's no place like home", tama nga naman. When I was still studying in Manila, I always looked forward for the sem breaks and Christmas breaks. Yun lang kase yung time na nakaka-uwi ako sa Mindoro. Sobrang nakaka-stress kase dito sa Manila. I longed for the simplicity and relaxed setting in the countryside. Feeling ko pa nga until now, sobrang safe ako whenever I sleep in my room sa bahay namin sa probinsiya. Dito kc sa Manila medjo iba ang feeling.

Late last night, I was having a shot of vodka while my cousins Rain, Ian and Obee played our favorite pastime, I saw one of the security guards and some 5-6 policemen approached the unit near ours. I felt something weird. Forgive me but as I sipped my alcohol, I eavesdropped. One of the uniformed men invited our neighbor, warned him and tried to calm him down. Thirty minutes later we heard our neighbors wept. My condolences. To find out what happened, click here.

Two months na ako dito sa Manila. At 2 months na rin yung worry ko whenever I go out and enjoy the night out with my friends. Thank God Rain and Emman have their own cars. And whenever they did not bring their cars, I ride a cab just to be sure that I'll be home safe and sound. I don't want to take the risk. Ang dami ko pa gusto ma achieve. Nakakalungkot lang na sa sarili kong bayan pa ako nag-wo-worry ng ganito.

Pilipinas ang bayan kong sinilangan. It's my home. Mahal ko ito kahit na dito ako dalawang beses na-holdap at nasasaktan, dito na-holdap ang Nanay ko, dito tumalon sa jeep ang kapatid ko dahil din sa holdap at marahil dito rin sa Pilipinas naging biktima ng mga petty crimes at iba pang kabulastugan ang mga kakilala nyo.

People get what they deserve. I can't help but think, is this the society we all deserve? Kung ganito ng ganito, parang ayaw ko na lang umuwi.
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Today, September 14, 2008, I am celebrating my 2nd month here in Manila, away from my previous job for some royal in UAE.

Am I happy? Yes, I am because I am free. I am with my family. I do not have to work with some bigots and dorks anymore. But with the happiness and freedom that I have, I still feel empty. I do not understand why. Basta lang, parang may kulang. Siguro trabaho, siguro sweldo. Siguro nahihiya ako sa mga na-disappoint ko or na-frustrate lang ako. Siguro medjo nanghihinayang din ako kc ang dami nanghinayang dahil nag-quit ako. Ewan ko ba. Bahala sila.

Sana lang
sooner, I will feel a lot better. I am planning to start shedding some fats I gained and my review classes for the US State Board Examinations. Hay, I need luck. Millions and millions of luck. Wish me one, would you?
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I was not really into paintings, n
ot until I saw this piece of art on sale last June 2008 when I was still working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. At napaka- affordable ng price (AED 66, mga PhP700). Noong una, I was hesitant na bilhin yan. Alanganin kc yung size at baka mahirapan lang ako i-pabagahe. So, hindi ko binili. After a week, I went back to the shop to check the said painting pero wala na akong makita. I asked for assistance from a kabayan sales rep, buti na lang na-itago nya yung last piece sa pinakailalim. Kabayan even warned me, kapag binitawan mo yan, di mo na yan mabibili. Binili ko na kahit alam ko problema kung pano ko ipa-bagahe ito. Good thing, I know how to find ways.

Now, this Arab painting hangs happily in our simple and humble condo unit. Next time sana sa sarili ko ng bahay ma-hang ito! Hehehe. Ayos ba?

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To read the whole story and view more images, visit this.

Congratulations for winning
the 2008 US Open title!

Btw, Roger Federer is the first man in the Open Era to capture the event five straight years. Galing!

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Me and my HS buddies, Au and Emman were supposed to take part of the kick-off party of San Miguel OktoberFest last night. I went to Robinson's Galleria to meet Emman then we headed to Seattle's Best Mega Mall to meet Au. It was so humid at 24 deg. And damn, the streets were filled with so many people from all walks of life. The entrance gate to the venue was overflowing with so many people. Au even said,mas "Ayoko pumasok baka mahipuan lang ako jan sa loob (Oktoberfest Venue)! We just could not handled the situation so we decided to go to San Mig cafe in Ortigas. Almich, another HS buddy, joined us after an hour.

Spending some time with my HS buddies has always been a refreshing to me. I miss them all. I hope soon we'll all find time to eat, drink, enjoy and celebrate our 10th year as the centennial batch of Baste. Bravo Baste 98!

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There's too much going on right now in the Southern Philippines. Lots have been said and done, lots have been left hidden. I am a peace loving man and I condemn any kind of war be it here in the Philippines and elsewhere abroad.

It's so sad to hear and know that peace down there is far from reach. Siguro nga, some stupid politicians and some greedy individuals make this war a business at the expense of the lives of the innocent children, civilians and the poor soldiers. I still believe and I continue to pray for the peace in Mindanao and in the whole world. Both parties should always bear this in mind - "One cannot talk peace and have a gun on hand."

We are Filipinos and whatever religion we believe in, we are all brothers. And we do not kill our brothers for some selfish intentions. It's against the teachings of the Christianity, it's against the teachings of Islam. We cannot deny it.


I've been hearing this song since I was a little boy. Para 'to kina Esperon et al, Kumamder Bravo et al, at para sa ating lahat.

Bayan Kong Sinilangan
By Asin

Ako'y isinilang sa isang bayan ng Cotabato
Kasing gulo ng tao, kasing gulo ng mundo
Dahil di magkasundo sa relihiyon at prinsipyo, nagkagulo.
Ang bayan ko sa Cotabato, kasing gulo ng isip ko

Di alam kung saan nanggaling, di alam kung saan patungo

Kapatid sa kapatid, laman sa laman

Sila-sila ang naglalaban, di ko alam ang dahilan ng gulo.

Bakit nagkaganon, ang sagot sa tanong ko
Bakit kayo nag-away, bakit kayo nagkagulo
Prinsipyo mo'y igagalang ko kung ako'y iyong nirespeto

Kung nagtulungan kayo, di sana magulo ang bayan ko.

Sa bayan kong sinilangan, sa timog Cotabato

Ako ay namulat sa napakalaking gulo

Dahil walang respeto sa prinsipyo ng kapwa tao
Kapwa Pilipino ay pinapahirapan mo, ang gulo.

Ako'y nananawagan, humihingi ng tulong n'yo

Kapayapaa'y bigyan ng daan, kapayapaan sa bayan ko

Bakit kailangan pang maglaban, magkapatid kayo sa dugo

Kailan kayo magkakasundo, kapayapaa'y kailan matatamo ng bayan ko?

Kung ako'y may maitutulong, tutulong nang buong puso

Gitara ko'y aking inaalay, kung magkagulo'y gamitin mo

Kung ang kalaba'y walang puso, puso na rin ang gamitin mo

Ituring mong isang kaibigan
Isipin mong siya'y may puso rin katulad mo.

Sa bayan kong sinilangan (bakit may gulo...)
Sa timog Cotabato (sa timog Cotabato)
Ako ay namulat (kailan matatapos...)
Sa napakalaking gulo (ang gulo)
Dahil walang respeto (kailan magkakasundo...)

Sa prinsipyo ng kapwa tao (ang tao)

Kapwa Pilipino (kapwa Pilipino...)

Ay kinakalaban mo (bakit kinalaban mo)
Ang gulo

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