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Good things happen to those who patiently wait.

After sending countless resum├ęs and after going through numerous interviews for a possible job abroad, I was finally chosen. According to some reliable sources, my employer, a member of the royal family of United Arab Emirates, handpicked me. I am really blessed. I did not undergo stupid things like what they do in QTV’s May Trabaho Ka or some tasks formulated and later evaluated by Donald Trump and his team in The Apprentice. There were no qualifying examinations and one-on-one interviews conducted. This job is really an answered prayer.

Some weeks ago, I found out that there were many so applicants for this job. A housekeeper told me that he saw my CV even before he saw me personally. Noel said that there were a little less than a hundred applicants to be my employer‘s private Physical Therapist. The manager even informed me that he was backing up someone else - fellow Filipino PT who used to work for another member of the royal family who applied for this job. There are some who are more qualified than you are, the manager added. When I heard it, I just gave him a flattering smile. I know that like everybody else who applied, I deserve this position. I have more than enough knowledge I gained through years of clinical experience and years of study and not to mention enough physical strength I have. We equally deserve this job for we all finished a degree in Physical Therapy, we all took and successfully passed the Philippine PT Licensure Exams and we all read the same books. The only advantage I can say is that my prayers were the one answered during that time. I am sure that their prayers will be answered too, in God’s proper time.

Up until now, I do not know the reason of why my employer personally chose me. Or maybe the previous employers who screened my CV missed something my employer did not. My employer might have noticed something beyond the detailed work experience and job description I had. Or maybe the best line to explain his reason is what the Little Prince said: “What is essential is invisible to the eye“. He has his own reasons. Whatever his reasons are, I leave it that way.

Tomorrow, I am celebrating my first month away from home. Thirty days passed and I am still trying to figure why I am here. Maybe I will see something I don’t yet see, learn something that I don’t yet know or discover something I haven’t discovered yet. Maybe from here, I have to start all over again, do something my parents, friends, my country and I can be proud of without being frustrated competent health care professional. I know that life is a constant challenge. Life here, just like life anywhere else will never be easy. I have to continue to pray hard and work hard. So that in the end, just like the superheroes we all know, Rehabman will prevail.

So help me God.
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i'm trying to start on my blog. right now i don't have anything to write on it. good start though. . .
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